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    About Jai Yoga Academy

    Jai Yoga Academy is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designates this best yoga teacher training program as one which follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Students who complete a verified training with this school may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs).

    We provide the opportunity for beginners to increase their level by Yoga Teacher Training Courses. We offers
    500 HOURS Yoga Teacher Training Course which is an initial step you need to take to walk smoothly on the way to Yoga.

    For Whom

    For Adults: Yoga has been proved to be one of the greatest solutions to Adults when it comes to a healthy body and mind.
    Seniors can increase their flexibility and balance over time and utilizing the right programs, increase their strength
    and mood.

    For youngsters: Yoga contributes to strengthening and enhancing youngsters’ bodies, therefore reducing their risk of harm.
    Yoga provides discipline and lowers impulsiveness. By offering a physical outlet for youngsters to express themselves,
    yoga helps minimize difficulties.

    For children: The introduction of yoga in children helps to develop healthy habits early in your life. Yoga may improve the strength, coordination, and flexibility of a child
    while promoting body awareness and self-esteem. It can lessen the tension and stress of kids and provide a sense of peace.


    Things we focus on


    3 month Weight Lose, Strength & Flexibility

    3 Months course
    One-time Payment
    (Group Classes)

    Starting from
    SEP , 2021
    Monday To Friday
    06:15 AM To 07:15 AM
    About the Class
    ZOOM Video call
    Joining link and password will be send to you after booking

    Welcome to my Online Classes for weight lose

    Everyone and anyone can benefit from this course. you can increasing Core strength and flexibility. This workout focuses on strengthening the core and weight loss.

    The flexibility exercises stretch the entire body with a focus on the back bend and hip opening.

    2 Detox Class + Free Diet Plan

    Who can attend?

    Anyone who wants to lose weight, want to be slim and  strong shaped body. Who wants to be flexible wants to learn Basic Asana relates to Hip opening and Back bend and Arm Balance.


    • Builds muscle strength
    • Improved posture and balance
    • Protects your spine
    • Improves your flexibility with Greater strength
    • Extra weight loss, Slim and Shaped body
    • Improve and Maintain the health of muscles
    • Improve flexibility, strength, stamina, mobility, range of motion, and balance

    Classes Schedule

    1. Yoga general introductions. Alignment, breathing techniques, Asana, and diet.

    2. Yoga for slim body

    3. Shakti yoga

    4. Yoga with equipment (Blocks, straps.)

    5. Yoga for open hips

    6. Detox class

    7. Yoga for weight loss

    8. Basic Surya namaskar

    9. Yoga therapy & relaxation technique

    10. Asana, pranayama, Yoga Nidra

    11. Power yoga

    12. Detox class

    13. Sun Salutation Yoga

    14. Morning Series

    15 Yoga for core

    16. Back Care

    17. Pilates

    18. Asana, Pranayama and Meditation

    19. Flexibility Yoga

    20. Yoga for slim body

    21. Power yoga

    22. Yoga for weight loss

    23. Balancing yoga

    24. Back Bend and forward bend

    25. Asthanga Standing series

    26. Solar Yoga

    After completion of the payment, you will be redirected to the WhatsApp group from where you can join the online classes via Zoom


    3 Months course
    One-time Payment
    (Group Classes)

    Weekly Schedule
    Starting AUGUST 2021
    Monday To Friday
    06:15 Am to 07:30 Am
    05:00 Pm To 06:30 Pm
    Weekend 06:30 Am to 09:30 Am
    04:00 Pm To 05:30 Pm
    About the Class
    ZOOM Video call
    Joining link and password will be Send after  booking



    1. Understanding About Yoga

    2. Teaching Skill

    3. Flexibility & Strength

    4. Hands-on Adjustment

    5 How to do yoga business as a profession

    Yoga Alliance USA is the largest yoga and teacher registration organization in the world. What do you get after graduating from TTC from the USA world yoga alliance?

    Get an “international degree and have the seal of yoga alliance on the degree.

    Classes will be held Monday to Friday from 6:15 am to 7:15 am in the morning (IST) and 5 pm to 6:15 pm in the evening (IST)

    On Saturday and Sunday only Morning Classes from 6:30 am to 7:45 am and 8 am to 930 am respectively (All timings are in IST). No evening classes on Weekends.



    Both Theory & Practice

    History & philosophy of yoga

    Pranayama , All Breathing types & Techniques

    Shatkarma (Internal Cleansing Technique)

    Bandha, Chakra, Mudra ,

    Mantra and Prayer

    Meditation & Yog Nidra

    Special Advanced Asana Classes ( Back bending. Hip opening, Arm balancing ,Twisting , Head stand ,Hand stand etc.)

    Learn Yoga with Equipment like Ball yoga ,yoga with wheel , Stick yoga ,yoga with block, yoga with strap, pillow , yoga with wall and chair yoga .

    Learn Therapy Yoga on different disease

    Learn Prenatal Yoga for pregnant women

    Learn Basic to Advanced Correct Asana Alignment.

    Learn International yoga Teaching style

    Learn How to Design 1 Hour class , How To Teach class , How to make asana flow sequence , How to breath etc.

    Learn Qualities of good yoga teacher.

    Learn more than 10 Different Class theme like Hatha yoga , Astanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, Hot yoga , Restorative yoga, Power yoga ,kundalini yoga , weight lose yoga , Yin yoga , Advance yoga for Increase flexibility ,Sun Salutation , Moon salutation etc.

    Once the payment is confirmed you will be redirected to the Whats app group where the zoom link will be shared with you to attend classes.

    Installment options available for Indian students


    Science Of Pranayama, Shatkarma & Meditation

    16 Sessions course
    One-time Payment
    (Group Classes)

    Starting From AUGUST 2021
    Saturday and Sunday
    06:30 AM To 07:45 AM
    About the Class
    ZOOM Video call
    Joining link and password will be Send to you after booking

    20 Hours YACEP Certificates Course, Yoga Alliance USA.

    (ONLY ON WEEKEND) Saturday & Sunday 

    In this 20 -hour course, you will learn how to use the power of breathing for :

    * Balance emotions

    * Clarify and sharpen your mind

    * Increase energy, health, and wellbeing

    * Integrate pranayama and asana

    * Energize or calm your body and mind

    * Deepen your yoga practice


    Learn systematic approaches Of Different Breathing Technique and Pranayama.


    Base breathing and pranayama techniques are similar to the hatha yoga pradipika techniques These include:

    Basic a Pranayama, Breathing Techniques & Major Pranayama.

    Breathing practice for expansion and contraction:

    Preparation for pranayama techniques

    * Rechak

    * Poorak

    * Kumbhak


    * Natural Breathing

    * Chest breathing

    * abdominal Breathing

    * Yogic Breathing

    * Complete Breathing

    Major Pranayama Techniques

    * Chandra Bhedi

    * Surya Bhedi

    * Anuloma vilom

    * Nadi Shodhan

    * KapalBhati

    * Ujjayi pranayama

    * Sheetali pranayama

    * Seetkari pranayama

    * Bhastrika pranayama

    * Bhramari pranayama


    * Shatkarma in Sanskrit is comprising two words;

    * Shat means six and Karma means Action.

    * Yogic practices involving purification of the body. The word kriya or karma is used in Hatha Yoga in a special technical sense regarding the technique of cleaning.

    Type of Shat karma

    1. Neti (Nasal Cleaning) Jala Neti , Sutra Neti 

    2. Dhauti (Cleaning of the Digestive Tract) Vaman 

    3. Nauli (abdominal massage)

    4. Basti (Colon Cleaning) Sankha prakshaalan 

    5. Kapalabhati (purification of the frontal lobes)

    6. Trataka (Blinkless Gazing)


     START DATE :- JUNE 2021

    ONE CLASS = 75 Minutes 


    After completion of the payment, you will be redirected to the WhatsApp group from where you can join the online classes via Zoom

    100 Hrs Super Advance 20 in 1 Multi style Yoga with Props Certificate course

    ₹ 14500 ₹ 21000 for complete course | One-time Payment | For 3 Months course

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